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Ted Fletcher

Some new input about these microphones…… some may not be up to much!

I have 2 types; the BM800 (with the squarish top grille) has a fairly complicated PC board in the body with 20 components on it.

It works well directly connected to the computer via the conventional 3.5mm mic jack socket, and I am using it with a small conversion circuit so that I can run it off the 48V phantom power of a professional mic input. It performs extremely well.

HOWEVER… I also have a similar mic but with a sloping grille….marked ‘VASEN BM800’ and this one is a con! It is simply a cheap electret capsule directly wired to the XLR socket on the mic base. On test I noted that it did not sound quite so good, and it was noisy. A couple of days ago it failed and became very noisy. Getting it apart was a challenge as the screw base was filled with paint. I admit to destroying it completely …. but it was broken anyway!

So it’s just a word of warning…. those Chinese mics are NOT all the same!

I shall buy another one just to check…. and I will report on it here. :)