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Ted Fletcher

The slightly ‘sweeter’ sound of the Mk 1 is entirely due to the higher distortion present in the very simple EQ circuit. The 2nd order distortion is around 0.2% at normal levels, which is certainly not acceptable in modern circuits.

The Mk 2 has better overload performance and lower distortion, but both have good overload and transient response and both have mic transformers.

Personally, I prefer the Mk 2 , but frankly, there’s nothing in it.

I use an old 828S (Mk 2) as a monitor/mixdown mixer….. I removed the old internal power supply and drive it from an external switch-mode supply so I have zero hum and the noise is well down to modern digital levels; and I have that wonderful analogue sound.

I have to recommend the Mk 2 if you can find one. :)

It makes me wonder sometimes if there is sufficient market to make the 828S again… 30 years on…. but I doubt it.