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Many thanks!

I probably should have phrased my question: Do you recall if there there were any chinese made VC3s or were they all 3Qs after the redsesign / licensing deal?

I’m still confused by the chronology in quest for english originals.

There must have been more than 250 VC3s with enhancers out there because I’ve seen at least five different (cosmetic) designs! The only one I’ve seen with your signature on was a version 2 (VC3 v2) which confuses me even more.

Don’t get me wrong though, I see no reason why you should have to remember all this trivia! ;)

I think the brick is cool. I only use the VC3 rather than VC1 or 2 because of economy, although I do have some excellent John Hardy mic-pres for the other ‘school of recording-thought’ which is striving for a flat response.

I particularly like using the enhancer in live situations because you can brighten the voice without sibilance or feedback occuring so much.

Thanks again for your insight.