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I’m going to try to find these online and have my amp tech unsolder the old ones and solder in the new ones. He did this for a TASCAM cd burner I have (once I told him which cap needed replacement) and now it works perfectly. Thank you, sir, for all of your responses and help!

One more question if I may…as I mentioned previously, I also own a VC1Qcs and MQ3, and love them. In some older posts (shortly after he bought the name rights) Alan Hyatt kind of slammed the ‘cs’ version of the VC1Q on some online forums about the omission of the transformer in the preamp section and implied that the ‘cs’ version has a poorer quality preamp than it’s predecessors. Of course the change in the ‘cs’ was for a reason, be it cost or sound or both, but would you say there is a big difference in the quality of preamp in the VC1Qcs versus the VC1Q? I love the sound of my ‘cs’ (and that’s what counts), but Alan’s comments seem to have been carried on by readers and posters in other forums as a bit of an urban myth, even making it as far as descriptions on ebay, and I’m just wondering what your take on the different preamp changes in the VC1Q versus the ‘cs’ version are.