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Ted Fletcher wrote:

Paypal is OK. The VC3 is on its way back to you now.

For others checking this forum for information on the VC3, the fault on this one was caused originally by a failure of one or both of the input capacitors. We used a good quality capacitor in the first place, but after nearly 15 years they started to get slightly ‘leaky’ and allowed an excessive voltage to appear on the SSM2017 input chip. This caused the chip to fail. :(

If there is excessive noise on the mic input, or a failure of the mic input, it is worthwhile changing both of the input capacitors and the SSM2017. :)

The VC3 is back safe and sound in its rack in my studio, all fixed up and sounding beautiful again. Many thanks to you again for getting this up and running! You are a true gentleman.