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Ted Fletcher

Hmmm… I really don’t think you would gain anything by changing out mic transformers. The transformer in the original ‘Brick’ and in the early VC1 ‘full rack’ units was the same in any case. Yes, it is the same transformer that I have been using in the later equipment, but actually it’s the mic amplifier circuit that makes the difference; if the overload margins are set right in the design then the mic amp will sound good, if the standard ‘chip that everybody uses’ is used and the designer tries to get lowest possible noise levels, then the sound will be ‘average’ and slightly ‘thin’ sounding.

Regarding the M16, there are not very many of them around so it’s unlikely that you will find one in the US.

I have actually stopped making most of the TFPRO range now, just building a few compressors and fixing one or two elderly JoeMeek pieces…. I’m trying hard to slow down! (dont forget, I’m very old!)

I do have one last M16 that I use in my own studio and that one is available, but I really think that will be the last one.