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Hey Ted!

It is so great that you, the designer of both the fantastic original Joe Meek equipment, as well as the stellar TFPro line, take the time to personally reply to each of the posts on this forum. I just want you to know how much that means to us engineers and budding electronics tech-heads out in the world. Thank you very much.

Okay, all praise aside (almost all), I am very much in love with my new VC1. I have had my first taste of the Fletcher designed Kool Aid, and can’t get enough, to the point where I just purchased another older Meek piece, the SC2 v1.07 (w/ output knob on the back). I still intend to get the M16 down the road, but my immediate need for a good drum and bus comp was more pressing. I kept looking for an original v1.05, but couldn’t find one within my current budget, but I found the v1.07 for what I thought was a great deal. I’m hoping you can explain to me what the exact differences are between the two… there is so much lore online about how the v1.05 is damn near the Holy Grail, and that all versions afterwards just failed to stand up (sorry, don’t mean to put any of your designs down, but that is what I have found from searching on-line). This is why I thought I’d like to come to the source (you) and find out the real deal.

From what I’ve read, the gist of it is that the original SC2 was built without compromise, and all succeeding units had various things trimmed away to bring the price down, and concensus (again, probably from just a few on-line loudmouths) is that this made the SC2 v1.07 and SC2.2 (I guess this is also known as the v1.05 mkII?) lesser units that are not as sought after as the v1.05. Do they not have “The Magic Glue” like the original SC2 v1.05? In defense of both the v1.07 and the SC2.2, SOS’s old reviews give high praise, which holds more weight to me than a couple of on-line forums.

Anyway, to summarize, if you could breakdown for me some of the pros/cons of the unit I purchased (the v1.07), and how it compares to the coveted v1.05 and the later SC2.2, that would be stellar! The one thing I am afraid of with this unit, is that I’ve read that the transformer used in it is not up to par with the earlier one used in the v1.05, as well as that it may have some issues (at present, or down the road) with variations in maintaining equal compression in stereo, meaning it may vary between left and right. Also, do you have a recommended setting for the volume output knob on the back of the unit, or should I look at having the unit modded to put this knob on the front?

Thanks again Ted!