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Hey (again) Ted!

Okay, so dumb me… should have (of course) looked about the forum site here before asking so many questions. I think I found most all of my answers contained within these two posts regarding the SC2 and it’s various incarnations;



It sounds like (as with most things), the online “myth” is much more opinion of ears than the truth of what is electronically going on. The only real considerable difference I can make out (from reading the above posts) in the various SC2 units, is that between the v1.05 and the later v1.07 and other proceeding units, is that it sounds like the power supply got boosted and cleaned up a touch, and thus tightened ever so slightly the mythical “glue” sound of the v1.05. Sound about right? I’ve since read that the v1.07 is sometimes preferred to the v1.05 due to the output gain on the back. Some have said that it made the units less noisy since you didn’t have to crank them up to compensate for having no output like on the v1.05 units. Either way, I’m sure I’ll be enjoying my SC2 unit before long, just as I’ve fallen in love with my VC1!

The only thing I can’t wrap my head around, is why the output gain stage would have been put on the back of the unit on the v1.07? Was the thought process that engineers would find a happy medium setting for it, and kind of set it and forget it? I can’t fathom that it would be something that would be put there, in that location, and be expected to be adjusted very often. I’m sure I’ll come to my own conclusions in time, but if you could shed some light on this, I’m all ears on your experienced opinion.

Thanks again Ted! I hope to be getting in contact with you in the not too distant future to query about that M16 unit you list for sale. I keep looking at that unit, and just think it would be great to use in both tracking and mixing sessions. The idea of having the M16 for both the x-former based pres and the pristine summing, sounds like an unbeatable combo to me (especially now that I have an SC2 to use on the M16 mix insert). My business partner has been looking at a couple of the Toft and Oram boards for the same reasons. I like that idea as well for the same reasons, and as much as I would really like to use either boards EQ section, I think that the x-former based pres on the M16 (versus the IC based ones on either the Toft or Oram boards), as well as the M16 having less circuitry involved in summing/mix down, would be of more use for our studio needs over that of either Toft or Oram boards. Sorry I don’t know which models of those companies products my partner is looking at… I know they are in the $4k to $8k price range, and I do believe they are all IC based mic pre inputs and line ins.

Hope you are well, and that I hear from you soon. Cheers!