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I’ve just finished modifying the mid-sweep frequency on the 1st channel of the 12-48 mixer, and it has worked a treat! I’m very happy. :D

I will gradually do the same to the other 11 channels over the next week.

Now, how do I go about narrowing the Q on the mid-sweep a bit? It is very wide (and smooth!) at the moment, and I’d like to try narrowing it a bit. When the sweep control is set to the lowest frequency (around 400hz now), with maximum cut (15db), the dip spreads all the way from 100hz up to 4khz. Ideally I’d like to reign it in a little bit. I don’t need surgical eq by any means, and I love how smooth it sounds, but it would be great to narrow the Q a little, so that when the sweep is set to 400hz and cut fully it leaves everything above 1khz alone.

Ted, it was indeed 6n8 caps (which I changed to 15nf as you suggested). Would you be able to suggest what component/s I need to change to narrow the Q slightly?

Thanks ever so much for your help so far. I’m extremely happy to have even got this far! :D