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Ted Fletcher

Hi Ricky,

I’m sorry to hear about your ‘brick’….. These were made in the very early days of JoeMeek….. I needed a good mic preamp!

I was in the process of experimenting with surface-mount technology and this was the first JoeMeek product to use surface-mount components…. there were one or two problems, the worst of which was a possibility of metallic corrosion on the ‘via’ connections betyween one side of the PC board and the other. I have come across a few of these in recent years. The effect is occasional clicks and bangs and then it dies.

There were a number of variations in the circuits and, worse than that, I’m afraid I don’t have a record of the exact circuitry although I can let you have the circuit of the later VC1 which I recall had the same mic-amp, enhancer and compressor as the ‘brick’.

Pls drop me an email to [email protected] and I will email this to you.