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Thanks for REALLY quick reply. I haven´t been in touch with any company that give such great support. And now we´re talking old discontinued equipment.

Just to clarify if there were any misunderstanding.

The unit I have now is serial number VC230-136 and this unit doesen´t have VC1 written on it.

The unit I am to buy (hopefully) Has serial nr. VC7-520 and have the letter VC1

The VC7 in the serial may still be a mystery , but I just wanted to make sure I´d explain it correct.

Thank´s again for the very great support.

I show my wife your personal answers to my questions and she just stares at me like i´m a fool with a very big smile.
I´m sure other members on this forum understand the great feeling of being able to communicate with the engineer himself. :)

Have a great summer

Fredrik Berg