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Ted Fletcher

Hi Fredrik, thanks very much for your post….. The reason the serial numbers seem so far apart is that at that time we used a simple numbering system for all products, so the intermediate numbers were mostly SC2 compressors. Yes, it’s true that only about 50 ‘bricks’ were made, and they were very much individually hand built. I had a number of problems with the early ones, mainly with the phantom power supply and the VU meter, but as far as the audio path was concerned, they are all the same.
The early units were just called ‘voice channel’, only the last 10 units were called ‘VC1’. I can’t remember why that one you have has the ‘VC7’ letters…. that’s a mystery.
For other readers of the forum, the superb sound of the ‘brick’ was a combination of a transformer input and a good quality preamp, arranged so that there is 30dB overload margin at the input. The ‘brick’ was not particularly low distortion, or wide bandwidth, but that transformer, operating properly, gave it a ‘presence’ . I’m seriously thinking of making something similar once again. :)