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    Hi, I owned that mixer for many years!
    An Alice 16:4:(2)?
    I sold it to a 20 ish guy studying sound engineering somewhere.
    I was told ex Virgin Manor.
    I obtained it via our bassist Rupert of Finchley.
    Nina Hagen’s (now) guitarist Bob was devastated when I pipped him to the post buying it.
    Apparantly there was an associate inline/passive mixer that was dumped in a street skip.
    Myself and J. Lambert of Roundhouse Studios & Joe’s Garage often worked on it.
    I believe I replaced some 741 op amps with TL071s.
    We made a flying ribbon lead that allowed modules to be worked on live, on the ‘bench’.
    I think it had limiters.
    I was expecting to emmigrate this year and after having retained the schematics/lead for so long, I may have finally binned them.
    Then again, I just may have reprieved them, but they could be difficult to locate.
    Did the Floyd grace those faders? – I did.