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Ted Fletcher

I’ve got a policy here, that I will fix any old gear of my design for a fixed fee of £25 plus the cost of returning it.
This is stretching it a bit!! But what the heck…. I can’t promise to replace the meter glass although I will have a look around….. and I don’t have any stock of the faders, but I can get it back working properly again…. I would seriously avoid any modifications, in terms of performance these mixers stood up well…. it will be interesting to hang a spectrum analyser on it!

Yes, when You get it, let me have it by all means (I’m assuming you are in the UK) and I will fix whatever it needs.
(If you are in the USA… and this goes for anyone sending equipment, we have had recent problems with customs on equipment sent back for servicing; it’s not impossible, but there are delays.)