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    Hi Ted

    Found this discussion board through a description of an 828 currently on Ebay!

    I recently acquired one of these excellent small broadcast mixers. Serial Number: A324-1219.
    Inside I found the initials MHF and 11/6/79 presumably the day it was built.

    There is only one small problem which I would like to fix. Monitoring of main output is about 20db down on one side.
    When a prefade button is pressed, monitoring level (mono) is fine on both sides. Main outputs levels are fine, only the output monitoring has the problem. Hopefully just a leaky capacitor or something fairly simple.

    I am confident that a circuit diagram would help me find the cause. Any circuit diagrams or information would be very much appreciated.

    Description on Ebay mentions phantom power which I don’t think is true, unless it was an optional extra.
    I would prefer PPM’s rather than VU meters, do you think this would be a feasable modification?

    Thank you in anticipation

    Mike Brill
    Sound Engineer