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Ted Fletcher

To bring this subject up to date…..(End of September 2016)

Here at Orbitsound we have started a project to produce the ‘finest loudspeaker possible’ with little influence from the economics of the parts.

My job has been to investigate and prove the best possible amplifier/driver combination and it might not be surprising that I have finally chosen analogue amplifiers that have 80% current drive capability….. I have developed an amplifier with extremely low distortion and noise that is also ‘current drive’. The acoustic performance totally outclasses any conventional amplifier system, analogue or digital. One of the big challenges was the treatment of the audio drive at frequencies around the resonance of the driver; that was a problem but is now overcome and we have obscenely flat responses and virtually no distortion. How does it sound?? Well, I refuse to get into the business of Hi Fi overblown language, let’s just say it’s superior!