SC2 rev 1.05 not / hardly working

SC2 rev 1.05 not / hardly working

Postby DaanDoris » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:18 pm

Hello Ted

I purchased a SC2 rev 1.05
I owned one before, and I loved it to death on the drumbuss...due to circumstances I had to sell my studio ( and the JM )
but now circumstances are well again and I’m rebuilding my studio, and re-buying everything...including this SC2.

There seems to be a problem though..
Even if I put it on totally ‘spanking’ settings, and I drive it really hard, and the VU-meter is totally waving, the compression stays very bouncing/ pushing/ spanking... just very minimal compression..
It does seem to ‘create’ the creamy sound I remember from my first unit, but something is definitely not as it should be..
I might be mistaking but I also find the ‘release-movement” of the VU-meter looks a bit to slow...

I REALLY hope that you could shine a light on this, and that you may have some suggestions for me, I know it’s impossible to get/find the original ”opto-parts” so I’m praying it’s not a problem in that region..

Any ideas and input is very welcome
Friendly Greetz. Daan van der Elsken. stilteloos Productions. Amsterdam
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Re: SC2 rev 1.05 not / hardly working

Postby Ted Fletcher » Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:18 am

Hi Daan, would you like to come back to me on email? It's

The early SC2 compressors do tend to suffer from a problem in the LED drive circuit; I have known a few of them to go 'soft' and not compress as hard as when they were new. I do have a fix for that, it is to replace all the LED drive transistors, and sometimes even replace the opto cells..... I do have a stock of the original cells; I'm using them in my new 538 compressor. :)
Ted Fletcher
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Re: SC2 rev 1.05 not / hardly working

Postby DaanDoris » Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:18 am

Hi Ted
Thanks for the reply!
It totally sounds like you are describing the issue I’m experiencing!
And great to hear that you have the parts in stock..
I have a pretty good tech-friend who does most of my repairs, would he be able to do replace the parts? Or would I have to ship the unit to you? ( and in both cases, any idea of the costs? You can also reply to my email )

Greetz again Daan
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