Stereo mastering & effects compression

The original tfpro P38 stereo mastering compressor, after 4 years of manufacture, became a recognised and wonderfully effective tool for stereo bus compression world wide, drum tracks, complete mixes and final mastering; it achieves a warm analogue sound, and a depth that's missing from digital mixes.  The new P38EX retains the warm opto circuitry of predecessors and introduces some new developments that make it even more versatile, plus the p38-EX features a revised colour / front face with a hand painted classic colour finish to add a touch of class to your rack.

Sidechain Access

An engineering trick that has developed is to introduce EQ and even dynamics into the compression sidechain.  The new tfpro P38EX has an additional switch on the front panel giving sidechain bypassable access via jack sockets on the rear panel to this possibility.

A further trick is to mix an element of uncompressed signal with the compressed output; the effect of this is to produce a compressed sound without destroying the transients. In fact, the P38-EX compressor does this anyway; it is one of its major advantages as a mastering compressor and is a function of the opto circuitry invented by Ted.

But now engineers can use the effect to extremes with the P38EX as it has a 'full sweep' mix control on the front panel allowing a dry/wet compression mix.
The function is to mix in an element of the incoming stereo signal after it has been pre-amplified by the P38EX input stage. This provides a direct mix signal that is corrected for phase and volume level.

The P38-EX features additional input gain switching (for high levels of compression), soft limiting for maximum mastering level, a variable stereo-width control and balance adjust as well as full control of compression from the lightest touch to the fiercest punch.

The original P38 gives great range to compression effects, added tightness, a great holding together with warmth and presence.  The new P38EX has all that and added functionality, and is available now.

Recent testimonials for the P38-EX

I've been enjoying the P38EX, the quality is awesome!  (Ken, Nov 11)

"Received the P38EX today and it was put to work straight away on a song that needed re-mastering – I love the 'full sweep' control, the mix basically came to life without losing the integrity of the original track. Tight punchy sound too, exactly what I'd hoped for.", Steve. Sept 09

"The P38EX arrived in good order today. Many thanks for completing everything so promptly!! I'm very pleased. So now it's testing and learning this new toy. I can't wait......", Marco Sept 09

Got the P38EX yesterday; it's so pretty! But when I try it on a mix, it's brings a big new depth as well as that opto compression. Great, great, great!, Arnold Sept 09

i was forgetting... it was sooooooo long that i was looking for a REAL gear and not a plug in that has the MIX control..... YOU ROCK, Jean Charles

My drums will never sound the same again! They are now on another level!!! My P38EX is staying on the drums...... now I need another one for the whole mix! Rosso Aug 09