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    Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

    Well, it’s not so completely new…… and I’m still working on it.
    It will be the same size and shape as the P38/P38EX and will be the same new colour as the P38EX, but I’m aiming it at the serious engineer with very little time to play about with settings; that was the most exciting thing about the old original SC2 when I first introduced it to the New York studios in 1993, it was amazingly easy to use….. you plugged it in and it sounded terrific no matter where the controls were set!
    The later compressors became more sophisticated, more accurate, but even I found that the best way to use them was to leave them alone once the settings were the ones that worked for my sort of mix.
    The new P38 rev7 goes back to basics with two main controls, the input and the output (or compression make-up). The ratio is variable, but only across a limited range. I have retained the auto time-constants…. that was a feature of my original compressors.
    The most significant addition is a true hard-wired by-pass; this is a function that has always been difficult on modern compressors, and I have gone back to using relays…. it’s the only way!
    The rev7 still has the width control and balance adjust…. and it has a ferocious output stage that ‘will drive a London bus’!
    So, it’s a classic optical compressor with all the good bits from years ago, and just the most important new technology, like unburstable transformer inputs, M/S processing to keep that rock stable centre image and the same quality performance as the P38EX.
    When?? I’m working on getting it ready for release at the beginning of May 2011.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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