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    Hi Ted,

    I apologize in advance, because I am sure you get more than enough of such questions but I couldn’t find any information anywhere…

    I purchased a “VC4 Enhancer” on Ebay a few days ago and after the fact noticed a few things…

    On the back it says “Made in England by Fletcher Electroacoustics Ltd. Torquay. TQ12 4UQ.” This only worries me because my other Pre-PMI JoeMeek products say, “Manufactured in England, JOEMEEK Ltd”. The serial number on the VC4, is also a different format from my VC6’s and VC5 (the VC4 is serial number E1-0199).

    There is also no manual to be found for this product anywhere.

    Is the VC4 in fact a product that was designed by yourself? Is it safe to assume it is identical to the Enhancer section of the original VC6?

    Thank you so much for help and the incredible products you’ve brought to the world.

    Ted Fletcher

    I don’t remember ever producing a product that was just an enhancer…… Yet the sequence of the name… a VC4, would make sense.

    I have looked back through my documentation, which is a bit scrappy, I have records of most things, and I can’t find the VC4.

    At that time I was experimenting with a new version of the enhancer which eventually was included in the later VC1 and VC6 and which I preferred to the original.

    In any case it will be the same as the VC6 I’m sure of that.

    If you have a moment, I would like to see a pic of the VC4; you can email it to me at ted@tfpro.com. :)

    Ted Fletcher

    So I searched a bit further and found a circuit dated 1996; and this ties up with other products from that time.

    These were the very early days of JoeMeek when I was working from a small room in Newton Abbot, close to Torquay.

    So that ‘VC4’ that you have could be unique! 😮


    Ah, thank you, Ted. I emailed you the link to the pictures.

    Ted Fletcher

    Ah yes! I had forgotten all about that one…. and there can’t be many about!

    Let me know how you get on with it. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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