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    Hi Ted,

    Firstly, many thanks for adding me to the forum, and for all your great work.

    I have an old VC3 Pro Channel V2.02 which has recently developed a fault (I think!).

    After reorganising my setup, I plugged in the unit and noticed that the output LED’s were continuously lighting up, climbing from green to red, before going out and starting again.

    It looked very much like a signal with a slow attack was passing through it, but no instruments or microphone was connected!

    I removed the power supply then turned it on again, and lights no longer came on randomly.

    However, when I reconnected my microphone (SE Electronics SE2200A) the signal was extremely low with a huge amount of hiss present.

    Any idea what might have caused this?

    Many thanks… Pete

    Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

    That sounds very much like a failure of one of the input capacitors. These are high quality low-leakage caps as they have to withstand the phantom power voltage.

    It’s unusal for them to fail but it has been known. The capacitors are (should be) labelled C10 and C11.

    If you would like to email me at I will email you the circuit diagram.

    I’m not guaranteeing that the fault is there; if necessary I can fix it for you. The cost of a repair to a VC3 is £25 plus the cost of parts and return. :(


    Hi Ted,

    Many thanks for your swift response.

    Yes, I would be very grateful for a copy of the circuit diagram, and have sent you an email about that.

    If it looks too daunting, I will definitely take-up your kind offer to repair it!

    Best Regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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