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    Hi Ted,

    I have just bought a joemeek VC1Qcs that works very well, the sound is excellent.

    I have a little list of questions.

    1- Given that VC1Qcs doesn’t have pad how can I soften the mic’s input?

    2- Why even thought at lowest level the gain reaches the clip? It specially happens with the snare and the kick drum.

    3- I would like to buy a TF pro P2 and it looks as designed by you. What are the main differences between the VC1Qcs and the TF pro P2.

    Many thanks

    Ted Fletcher

    Using the VC1QCS, the only way to achieve a pad is to use one of those ‘in-line’ pads made by Shure; they look like an enlarged XLR connector. I suggest a 20dB pad.
    The TFPRO P2 is a later design with a better mic amp than the old VC1Q, but the best answer would be a P110! This has a much wider range mic input and a superior compressor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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