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    Ted Fletcher

    For clarity, TFPRO is the trading name I adopted back in 2002 when I was designing a new range of compressors after the old JoeMeek company had been sold to PMI Audio in California. It was quite recently, after trying to contact the residual Alice company (who had bought Alice in 1986ish), I discovered that the Alice assets had been acquired by Paul Andersson. Paul and I got together and it seemed logical to combine some of our resources. So right now I have passed much of my 500 series work over to Paul who will be using the designs for Alice manufacture. My work on the 828 Mk3 mixer was originally going to be a TFPRO venture but now I’m more than happy to finish off the technical aspects of the project and to hand the manufacturing and fulfillment over to Paul at Alice, and it’s going well! My position in that is as designer and consultant and as a director of Alice.
    TFPRO as a brand is likely to stay, the P38EX Mk2 stereo mastering compressor has proved to be a worthwhile product and I put those together myself.
    In the meantime, my family connections with the music business continue with work on studio equipment and monitor loudspeaker design (son Guy works extensively at British Grove and in his own studio here on the South Coast, and son Daniel is now in charge of technical development at a household name electronics manufacturer.)
    I’m happy to continue fixing battered 828s and advising where necessary.
    I should be claiming to ‘take it easy’ at 83, but there is always more to do!
    Ted June 2021


    We’re all happy that you keep going Ted.

    Thanks so much for your work and dedication

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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