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    I’ve picked up an old mono Alice broadcast desk, I wondered if Ted could shed some light on it’s origin or even supply a schematic (I’m looking to add direct outputs from each channel)? I think a couple of PCB’s are loose again since channels 5 and 6 aren’t working. Should get the chance to open it up again tomorrow.

    Alice/Stancoil plate on the back says serial no. 0701, model SM10 / 1B.

    Ted Fletcher

    No, not really off topic…. this is what it’s all about!
    Wow, that’s a real old one! This was the SM series mixers that we made in 1969/70/71. I don’t really know where that one came from…. they were all ‘specials’ in those days; we used to tailor the design to suit the application.
    Interestingly, it has a PPM so it was probably for speech recording, but it’s odd that it has so many channels…. it’s a bit of a mystery.
    I will get Eric the Oracle to look at the pictures; Eric remembers every mixer we ever made (Eric was a founder member/director of the old Alice company).

    Regarding the design, I don’t have any circuits from that era, the designs were very simple with a discrete transistor mic amp and equaliser. Some of the early mixers had a single transistor emitter-follower stage after the fader….. but I can’t be any more helpful than that.

    I will report back when I know more. :)


    According to the original owner it was at one of the first ITV stations in the south west, then it was used by an amateur dramatics society for years until I bought it. It has these in it:

    It sounds pretty good too!

    Ted Fletcher

    LOVE the picture of the transformers!
    Yes, that would figure….. we made some stuff for Westward Television at Derry Cross, Plymouth back in the early days. It must have been a mixer for an interview facility or something like that. I expect it still works well!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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