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    Chris L

    Hi Ted,

    I’m getting a small stereo offset when I engage the compression on my Sc2.2.

    I checked in bypass and there is no offset, so I don’t think it’s cabling, as surely then the offset would be present all the time it’s inserted on the master bus?

    It seems to be the same regardless of how much compression is added.

    Any ideas what it might be?

    Ted Fletcher

    This is a recurring problem with some of those early compressors…. the pots wear slightly and the balance goes out.
    There’s no complete answer, there will always be the possibility of a slight imbalance, frankly, the quick way out is to adjust the gains either before or after the compressor.

    Chris L

    Thanks for the reply Ted,

    Is it something that would cost much to repair?

    Like you say I can adjust the gains, but I’d like at some stage to get the problem resolved if it’s possible.

    Thanks for your time!


    Ted Fletcher

    Him Chris,
    Coincidentally I have had another SC2.2 in for attention yesterday….. this model was one of the best in design and they are generally stable for gain.
    If it gets too bad I can fix it for you by replacing the input and output pots. The cost would be my standard £25 plus the cost of return to you. :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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