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    Hi Ted and everyone,

    After more than 10 years of search, I found this beauty on Reverb :

    and a look at the inside :


    As you can see, it’s the infamous rev1.05, with the 2 PCBs and the thick rack faceplate. You’ll notice an added output knob, which I’ve heard, needs to be put off.

    After plugged it, I was very disapointed by the sound. In fact, it’s very hard to make it compress. I have to turn the Input and Compress knobs fully clockwise to barely make the needle move and hear a little bit of compression, even the Slope on 4 and the Attack and Release set to Fast.

    I’m the owner for 12 years of a SC2.2v4 which I love, and I don’t have troubles to make it pump and squash everthing, with a very punchy sound. And I wished I could make thoses things with the 1.05, but it’s impossible on mine.

    Thanks a lot for your help,

    Julien from France

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    Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

    That’s a lovely very early one! But Yuk! Someone has drilled a hole right through my signature!!

    But seriously, that model should compress wonderfully, that is the original SC2. There is certainly a problem.

    With that model the most likely cause is faulty transistors in the compression drive circuit; there are 4 transistors and it is worthwhile to change them all.

    If you need the circuit information for this model I can email it to you.

    If you would like me to repair it and set it up correctly, then drop me an email at :)

    The additional output gain control should not affect the compression in any way. :(


    Hi Ted,

    Yes, I really wonder why have they drill the hole on your signature !!!!

    And yes I’d like to have the circuit information, as I’ve already build several other comps in the past and think it will be a wonderful experience to repair it myself. I’ll email you.

    One thing I’ve notice too is that it’s awfully slow. The needle never bounce, just like a lazy LA2A, and doesn’t respond to transient.

    Thanks a lot my friend,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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