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    Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

    This was part of a reply of mine elsewhere on the forum….. worth repeating.

    For those who keep talking about parallel compression….. the reason this sounds good is that the transients are let through by the ‘direct’ path while the compression is done by the compressor. All that messing about is absolutely necessary when you try to use plug-in compressors or inferior hardware ones….. what very few engineers reaslise is that my early optical compressors did all that automatically, that’s the beauty and the secret of the roaring sound of the old SC2 (and the P38!) The shape of the compression attack and release is what modern engineers are trying to mimic…. but they don’t know why!

    AND yes, there is another compressor on the way, and it’s partly due to the parallel compression fad that I’ve revived the earlier and slower opto elements used in the first SC2s.
    I incorporated ‘parallel compression’ as an option in the P38EX but strictly speaking this was unneccessary; the strange compression curve that’s achieved by parallel operation is already there!

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