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    Hello Ted and thanks for helping with this forum,

    I just bought a second hand Joemeek sc2 v1.05 (with 2 small output knobs on the front)
    when I plugged it in, it turn on and passed sound but did NO compression and NO GR meter activity was going on.
    I opened it to see if it is just a loos cable , and I found out the release potentiometer was torn out of the pcb (really broke in the middle ,the “legs” stayed in the pcb!) and the attack potentiometer looks as if it is half way to the same condition…

    I guess I have to replace this pots and hopefully everything would be working (right?)
    I wonder if you remember what is the value of these pots and if you happen to have schematics/service manual of this wonderful compressor .


    Guy Sternberg
    LowSwing Studio, Berlin

    Ted Fletcher

    Hi Guy, sorry to hear that you have a damaged SC2….. it must have been dropped from a great height! 😯
    Drop me an email at and I will email you back a circuit diagram of the 1.05 version with all the details.


    thanks a lot Ted,
    email sent

    Ted Fletcher

    For those with early SC2 compressors…. and there are hundreds of them still in service, the earliest ones had SSM2142 output chips, and at the time we had problems with reliability, a number of them went ‘pop’. Also, a number of users wanted an on-board make-up gain control, so I relaid the board and introduced an active output stage. This proved to be reliable. All SC2s after that had the later output stage.
    The SC3 was a short-lived version with an experimental M/S matrix and digital in/out. This swiftly became the SC4 which was very successful. It had the M/S matrix and a very good digital section.
    The very last SC2s that we made also had the M/S matrix, the advantage being a rock-steady image even under high compression.

    TFPRO compressors, the P38 and P38EX, both have a more sophisticated M/S matrix with variable width. They also use a different type of optical cell with a faster response; the different compression characteristics are produced with different ‘shape’ attack and release characteristics. :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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