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    Hi and thanks for this very useful forum!

    I have a Joemeek VC7 preamp in my studio and I think it sounds very nice and also look very cool with my SC2 :D
    Anyway I haven’t found too much information about this unit so I would be very pleased to hear anything about it… I suppose there wasn’t too many of these made or at least it was not really top seller. Anyway I feel it is quite unique and nice sounding preamp and I am happy to have it.

    All the best!

    Ted Fletcher

    That’s quite a rarity… I designed the VC7 to be the very best quality mic amp that it was possible to build. It’s very conventional, with a high quality transformer input, and with switching to match different microphones; it was well ahead of its time. I remember the design very well…. it was a problem to keep the mic transformer in channel 2 far enough away from the mains transformer; I did it by putting both mic transformers together at the left hand end.
    I knew it would never be a big seller, but it was for my own benefit rather than purely commercial.
    I don’t think we built more than 10 of those…. but it’s a brilliant mic amp.


    I have a VC7. It’s my main pre amp, I love it. It’s my front end for pretty much everything I record. Works great with ribbons, If I could find another I’d snap it up. The ‘decoded’ MS outputs are great for monitoring MS recordings. Mine’s seen constant use since I bought it direct from the factory (complete with black JM 47 and JM 478). It now needs attention, channel 1 has become intermittently noisy. Fancy having a look at it Ted?

    Ted Fletcher

    Yes, I’m happy to have a look at that one!
    Just send it to me at the Sound House and email me direct with the return address. As you have seen before on the forum, I charge £25 as a fixed charge to service/fix anything (except mixers!) plus the cost of returning the unit to you.
    It will be a pleasure to fix a VC7. :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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