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    Hi everybody.

    And hello Ted.

    I’m french and I live in Paris, so excuse me for my bad english.

    I just bought a VC1 because I used it a few time thanks a friend unit and I loved it.
    My friend has a VC1 by joemeek.

    But the one I bought is not exactly the same :

    My friend has the same VC1 as the pictures that you can fin on the web : green with black letters

    My unit is also green but the letters are gold and the knobs are all in line (except the preamp one) with a small green bar on each of them.
    The mic in XLR is not black but silver, the vu meter got a gold mirror line under the scale, and the power switch lights on in green.
    I found a picture on an audioboard of mine :

    My VC1 looks younger than my friend one, but maybe it’s because of the used.

    I think it’s not the same version, but can you explain me the difference between those two VC1.

    How much version of VC1 are there?

    I saw that there is also VC1Q and VC1Qcs.
    My friend unit and mine are only VC1 but also different between both of them?

    Is mine a false joemeek or a copy or something?

    Thanks again for your future answers.

    Sorry again for my bad english.`

    Best regards.


    Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

    No yours is not a ‘false’ one!
    There were 4 distinct versions of the VC1; the first one was derived from the ‘brick’, it was the one with all the controls in a single line.
    It was a transformer input mic amp, a compressor and a harmonic exciter. Some of those had the gold lettering like yours.
    Next came the green version in your picture, this was again a transformer input mic amp, compressor and exciter, but with a slightly different layout, mainly for ease of construction. The we changed the exciter into an EQ and called it the VC1Q. Very soon after that we introduced an all solid state mic amp and called it the VC1QCS.
    They were all very successful and reliable…. and I know that most are still in service today.


    Hi ted.
    Thanks a lot for your answer.
    So my version is the first VC1 version derived from the brick?
    But what is the brick?
    Could you also tell me how can I get a spare vu meter for my unit?
    Best regards.

    Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

    The ‘Brick’ was the first of my ‘Voice Channel’ units (hence ‘VC’). It was smaller than the conventional 2U rack unit but the circuit was almost identical to your VC1. It has become a legend because of the really clean and smooth sound it produced with the less-expensive Chinese mics. I’m thinking seriously of re-issuing it.
    The meter in your unit is made by ‘Monocor’ in Germany. I’m sorry, I don’t have spares for that meter, nowadays we have our own meters made for TFPRO.
    I’m really sorry I can’t help on this one. 😥


    Thanks a lot Ted for your serious and for your help.
    You should reiussed the first brick, If it sounds better than my VC1 it would be super great I think.
    Those VC1 are fantastic machines, and I’m really happy to use one of them/

    Thanks again.

    P.S : Do you have a picture of the brick?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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