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    For many years Joe Meek products have caught my eye especially as I’m quite a fan of his music and what he achieved in the studio.

    I mainly make electronic music and have a selection of hardware sequencers, analogue mixer, analogue and digital synths etc but no outboard…I mainly used Logic for FX and also to record the final 2 track stereo mix and compress it just using bog standard compression plug ins and eq.
    But to be honest I would love a hardware compressor, some one I know had a API-2500 and I loved the sound of that when ever I went round his place but this thing is super expensive…the SC2 or 2.2 really catches my eye mainly as most people say it’s got quite some character oh and it’s British :) not to mention I don’t know that many people that openly at least use these and when they do they always say positive things about it..I like that

    I guess my question is what are the main differences of the SC2 compared to the SC2.2?
    The thing I also hear is the SC2 version 1.5 was the ultimate SC2 but I can’t find a lot of info on the 2.0 version

    The 2.2 was cheaper new and I guess cheaper second hand too…I have about £300 spend which I know is probs not a lot of money but sometimes 2.2’s slip for not a lot.
    How does the 2.2 compare sound wise?

    Ps I love the fact that you still service and fix this old gear Ted, the fact that you charge a reasonable sum of money really earns you mega brownie points too, so many companies now crap on their customer base.

    Ted Fletcher

    I do value my customer base!! :P
    In terms of performance, they are actually almost identical…. I have quite a collection (of course) and I still use an SC2.2 occasionally, the only real difference was that it was impossible to make the old 1.05 version sound bad…. There’s a little more range on the attack and release on the later ones, and you can mis-use them, but it’s difficult!
    The very early ones are valuable now, but it’s more a scarcity value than performance.
    As for finding one for £300, well I would be surprised, but you never know!
    If you ever see a JoeMeek C2…. grab it! that was the ultimate compressor. It was a late version SC2.2 re-laid out to fit in a tiny half-rack case. They are really good and have all the sound of the early ones.


    Thanks for your reply, if luck has it hopefully I should be the owner of a SC2.2 soon

    Oh your P38EX looks fantastic, the mix knob is genius!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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