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    I want to record an electric guitar using two microphones (a dynamic one, close up to the amp, and a condenser a few feet away) and I wondered if it would be possible to put them BOTH through my Pro Channel VC3 on their way to the recording software (Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition 4). I’m assuming that they will require different compression rates and therefore it won’t be possible.

    If I can only put one of them through, which one would benefit the most?


    Ted Fletcher

    It’s nice to get interesting questions!
    My instant thought is that you will get the most punchy and ‘electric’ sound from the close mic, and the more natural sound from the distant mic.
    So certainly the right way would be to use the dynamic mic close and through the VC3 with lots of compression, and the capacitor mic going via another path. You will most likely need some compression of the distant mic as well, but this is not so critical and so you could use a plug-in (!) 😯
    I hope this helps.


    Cheers Ted.

    Will give it a go and report back! :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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