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      Hello dear ted,
      i’ve just luckily found an alice stancoil ad 62/3 and try it with an old rythm box, sound lovely.
      But there is a big bass buzz out of the (echo) send output with level fluctuating. Earing it at-50db on the main output.
      One of the microphone preamp seems to be out of order .
      So i put the desk to an electronic technician, it seem to be the “aux” power supply but he ask me if i have an electric scheme of the desk, that i don’t have.
      Perhaps would you have one scheme in your archive.
      It would be easier to fix the problem.

      best regards

      lokey ;)

      Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

        It’s a shame when I can’t help…. this is one of those times.
        I don’t have any circuit information for the AD62/3, this was a mixer that we made just before the 828.
        Certainly the problem is a power supply one; from memory that mixer used a single rail 24 volt power supply. I would suggest to your tech that he replaces the whole power supply with a modern switch-mode type; these are readily available now and not expensive. 8-)


          Thanks for your help Ted!

          A little advice but reassuring and hopeful.

          i’m transmitting to the tech man.

          If any one has some technical data about the AD62/3 he’s welcome!

          thanks a lot

          Lokey :D

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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