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    I have an Alice 828 (Mk2 I think?) It is fully functional (as far as I have tested) but requires a bit of TLC, some new pots and probably a cap or two.

    Do you have a feel for the value of these currently? I’m competent to do the work but if the price of the parts exceed the re-sale value then it’s¬†obviously not worthwhile. I don’t want to sell it if I’m not satisfied it is working correctly.

    Circuit diagrams would be a big help, if you would be willing to share them.

    Could you tell me the purpose of the mystery switch attached to the last three channels is?

    Best Regards

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    I don’t see the mystery switch you talk about….


    They are on the bottom edge of the three left hand channel PCBs. Don’t worry though, I worked out what they were for. Restoration is going well. I have tested everything and secured the parts I need. The meters now have LEDs and I have replaced the stripped screw holes, so it goes back together in a rock solid fashion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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