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    Hello! If I had a new, good owner, I wouldn’t throw it in the trash 🙁

    An Alice 828 mixer is for sale in Hungary due to the completion of the sound system.

    Channel 3 only works with PFL, the VU meter on the right is bad and its lighting is not good either.

    All other functions work properly. You can inquire by email (

    Unfortunately I don’t speak good English, but the translation program can help with communication 🙂



    Hammy Havoc

    Hello Thomas!

    Looks like you got an error whilst trying to upload a file (20210107_084733.jpg) to the tfpro forum due to your file being larger than the previously allowed upload size.

    I’ve changed the maximum file upload size to 4MB, which should be enough to upload it. :- )


    Thanks Hammy! 🙂



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    Ted Fletcher

    That’s a nice looking 828 Mk2 and if it ever gets back to ther UK, I should have a look at it and fix the problems….. Meter lighting was always seriously awful on those Sifam meters. Nowadays I take them apart and fit white LEDs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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