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      Am I right in thinking the monitor output on these boards is mono? Is there a schematic available for the output section?


      Thank you

      Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

        No, that’s not right. The 828 range all have stereo monitoring with mono/dim switching but with mono PFL.
        The new 828 Mk3 has the same but it also has a relay mute system so that the mixer is suitable for ‘self-op’ radio use.
        BTW, the new 828 Mk3 is on final test now and will be announced shortly.


          Hi Ted,

          Thanks for the reply. Exciting news about the Mk3! I imagine you’ll shift a few of those.

          OK, so the single ‘monitor output’ jack on the back of the unit is stereo? Mine must be faulty then.

          Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

            Not necessarily. There were a number of variations and yours could possibly have been a ‘mono’ one.
            However, the new 828Mk3 is now a reality, it has taken the whole of the ‘Covid’ period to develop, but it is now done and sounding the same as the original…. well, it should do; it’s using the same circuitry. The original needed a team of girls in the Windsor factory to do all the point-to-point wiring. The new one has clever precision circuit boards that eliminate all the channel wiring except the faders.
            it’s sounding good…. and will be announced very soon!


              Wonderful news. Looking forward to seeing it in the products section

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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