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    Ted Fletcher

    My development work over the past 12 months has been mostly looking at what’s really needed by the smaller studio to make the whole process of recording less complex.

    The API 500 series format is an excellent standard, making it possible to use professional equipment at lower cost.

    I have been working on a ‘historic’ stereo compressor, (TFPRO538), an equally historic stereo equaliser, (TFPRO505) and a new ultra low-noise mic amp, (TFPRO503).

    I’m happy to make available PDFs of the handbooks for these 500 series modules to serious users. 💡

    The TFPRO538 module is in stock now (May 2019). The TFPRO505 in in prototype form and will be available in July; I expect the TFPRO503 mic amp will be ready soon after that.

    Handbooks for all three modules are available now, just email me at ted@tfpro.com with a request and I will email a handbook. 8-)

    BTW, note that I spell ‘equaliser’ with an ‘s’…. that’s the British way! :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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