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Ted Fletcher

It was more than 40 years ago that we made that mixer, back in Windsor.

Who would have believed at the time that equipment like this would be cherished and used again in the 21st century!

Technically, a modern digital mixer is superior in performance and the facilities and versatility is far superior to our 1970s efforts, and yet the sound created from the Itam 10/4, the Alice 828, the 828S and other analogue mixers of the day, has a comforting warmth and ‘stability’ that is missing from later electronics.

I can argue that it’s down to overload margins and the onset of various sorts of harmonic distortion, but then I start to sound like a HiFi anorak; the truth is complex but undeniable, as Joe Meek used to say, ‘If it sounds right………’ :geek: