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Many years ago when i starting recording digitally i tried VCA compressors ( digital and analogue ) and was never happy with the sound compared to the pro tape recordings i’d had done for me previously. Then i discovered your magic VC-1 and thought, man if i could get that sort of sound in stereo… I put the C2 on the mix bus and found that i got the same sort of smooth vintage opto compression AND the tape sound, plus amazing effects on drums and mixes at more extreme settings. It was a revelation to me for DAW non tape recording. Sadly i took ill just after this so had to retire very early.

I don’t understand why this form of effect compression didn’t become the standard for DAW use. Maybe some judged it by its modest price instead of using their ears !. Many people don’t have the opportunity to do pro tape recordings now, and get used to the flat, spiky sound of digital interfaces. The C2 is a classic small, efficient design, easy to use and works great with other gear due to high headroom and proper input and output dials ( fully adjustable to off ). i think it would be a real shame if it isn’t available for the next generation in TFpro form. It was amazing value and put professional results into working musicians hands.

Thanks Ted.