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Ted Fletcher

This looks like an early 828 Mk 1, unfortunately there never was a date code in the serial number.

Yes, it’s true that I can normally get these old mixers back to full working order; I do it more as an interest and a service to the recording business, if not a challenge! After all, these mixers are now 30 years old+!

It’s by no means a business; nowadays I’m very relaxed designing highly specialised amplifiers for new loudspeaker systems.

I have to tell you that I can’t guarantee to fix everything. Generally a mixer ‘service’ includes getting rid of most of the buzzes and crackles and fixing simpler electronics problems. Anything more than that could be more expensive, but I would agree the cost in advance of course.

Some of these 828s suffer from power supply hum and noise and a seriously good fix is to replace the power supply with a suitable modern ‘switch-mode’ type.

I charge a nominal £50 for an 828 service plus the cost of any parts needed and the cost of return. I do have a good stock of many of the parts that need replacing in an 828.

So, the procedure is to email me on ted@tfpro.com with your address and phone number and I will reply with the address to send the mixer. I normally use UPS. :)