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Ted Fletcher

This is actually a very interesting question….. It’s only very recently I discovered that in a few SC2 V2.2 V4 there was a problem with the design of the output stage.

I can’t recall how it happened; and we knew nothing about it at the time.

The SC2.2 was the first stereo compressor that used the ‘sum and difference’ routing….. the L and R signals are converted to Sum and Difference before compression, then at the output stage they are re-converted to L and R. The problem is that the output stage does not behave correctly and provides a very near ‘mono’ output….. BUT it only does this if the output is being used as a balanced line!

I would ask that you try using the compressor in ‘unbalanced’ mode (that is, link pins 3 and 1 in the output XLR connectors) and there is a chance that the problem will be solved.

Normally I can offer to correct any faults in any equipment that was designed by me originally, but in this case, it was an original problem caused by a mistake somewhere in the manufacturing process. I have only ever seen one of these faults, and that one worked perfectly in unbalanced mode.

In case anyone needs the circuit diagram of this model, please email me at ted@tfpro.com. :(