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Ted Fletcher

Hi Tom, I suppose I should give you a double thank you!

It was when we were developing the SB60 that I realised that it would make a very effective studio monitor…… I used one of the prototypes for a while and it worked fine; It allowed me to hear the mid and HF end really cleanly, and this helps so much with the balance.

So the answer is, give it a try…. I had one sitting under my big 37 inch computer monitor for many months…. now it’s in the lounge under an even bigger TV.

It was that experience that made me look deeper into the specific demands of small studio monitoring and the SB60 ticks most of the boxes. I have found it very comfortable as a monitor for most kinds of music even though it has its limitations at extremes of bottom end…. it can run out of steam with very heavy rock music at high level.

It’s worth noting that the audio quality of the analogue (phono) inputs is just as good as the optical input. And remember that the SB60 works best when the sides are clear of obstructions for a distance of about 30cms each side.

Mid last year, at Orbitsound we had a request to design a more powerful type of loudspeaker for use in classrooms and small halls….. that device is now a reality and has the working title of P70. It is a wall or desk mounted loudspeaker that looks like an overgrown soundbar. I expect we shall have it on the market specifically as a studio monitor in January next year….. we are just getting the final bugs out of it as a manufactured product.