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Ted Fletcher

Sorry to put a damper on ideas…. adding transformers external to say the C2 is not really a good idea, it will not achieve anything.

The way I use transformers in TFPRO equipment is that they are an integral part of the input stage and work in a very unusual way; they operate in ‘current mode’ so that there is no voltage generated across the windings at all. It’s a quirk of physics that if there is no voltage across the coils then there can be no distortion and virtually no losses of any sort, so we end up with a perfectly isolated input that is flat in response, no distortion and will work at any volume level. A conventional transformer runs out of linearity at low frequencies and has severe limitations unless you use very good ones like the ones made by Lars Lundahl.

My system has some disadvantages…. it is very sensitive to magnetic interference, but that’s a small price to pay for such quality advantages.

So in short, no. The input stage of the C2 is already an accurately balanced design that won’t be improved in any way by transformer coupling.