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Hi Ted thanks for the reply.

I read some where that there were changes to the attack times or response of the attack when the layout changed.
Or could it have something to do with the changing of the output stage?

You are the designer and ultimately the source so I trust that no one else knows this box like you do.
I’m just wondering why people think that the 1.05 sounds/works better??

I spend a bit time reading posts/reviews on the internet to try and learn about different pieces of gear. You have to slog through a lot of opinions and BS to get to the facts
or at least see patterns emerging. When it comes to the sc2 1.05 I seems to have read this too many dozens of times to ignore it.
Is it mass hysteria? or suburban myth

I have come to realize there are a lot of amateurs out there with bedroom/basement studios and no lack of opinions but I’ve read this from working pros who’s opinions have at least a little more weight.

Would you mind sending me the particulars on the 1.05?

Re: parallel compression, I understand the concept and I think it’s cool that the sc2 does that..it will certainly save me a step or two in the mixing process.

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