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Hey there Ted!

I got hold of the bulbs from Maplin thanks so much for the info!

I had a quick look inside to see how big a job it could be, and noticed that the bulbs are sealed inside the VU housing.

I didn’t want to start pulling everything out for fear of not getting the VU back together or knocking something….

I wonder if you could tell me how delicate a job it would be (I’m fairly savy with fixing kit, but by no means a pro…) I don’t suppose you have service manuals for the beast?

Thanks again and I really do appreciate your help!

Also, Iv’e been having a perv over you legacy compressor! It seems to be a similar set up to the unit I have… Are they similar in sound? I’m looking for another unit which isn’t to dissimilar in use, as I have another studio and sometimes take the meek between the two depending what I have on……

Thanks again, and all the best!