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@Ted Fletcher wrote:

On most (if not all) of those bricks, I used a bi-colour LED that was on all the time, but changed colour on extremes of ‘enhance’.
I think it was normally green and changed to a sort of orange/red when the enhance was operating. It served no real purpose except to look interesting!
The amount of enhance necessary to get a good vocal sound is normally less than that required to make the light change colour! :?

@Ted Fletcher wrote:

regarding the P38V7….. it’s such a new product; most have gone to studios in France, Italy and Greece; no I don’t have any north of Watford I’m afraid….. but I do have some in stock, so that might change soon!

Thanks for the replies Ted.
I was very happy with the sounds I got using ‘the Brick’ during the last recording session. The unit performed very well with plenty of gain considering I used it with a RNR1 ribbon mic for a kind of 60s Nancy Sinatra sound. I used a bit of compression and ‘enhance’ to add top end. Sounded fantastic.

About the P38V7, I’ll be in touch again when I’m ready ..but found one of your early P10 for sale (on your TFPRO Shop) and I’m very interested as I record lots of drums using stereo ribbons mics. I’m wondering if it would be a better unit to get.. If it’s still available!

Best regards