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Hello Ted, hello everyone.

I have been a fan of the green box for many years and had the pleasure to use a SC2 (1.05) on many occasions.

I’ve finally managed to buy a “Brick” :) serial number: VC05-232
No mention of VC1 on it but “JOEMEEK Voice Channel” under the V.U. so it must be one of the last made (?)
Just tested it, everything seems to fonction properly but I noticed that when I am on Comp Meter view and the Comp release is slow the V.U. stops his course at about -3dBs but eventually gets back to 0.
This doesn’t bother me that much but I wanted to let you know to find out if it’s a common fault..

Also, what is the subsonic filter exactly do? The little instructions booklet that came with the unit doesn’t mention it..

This is my first post in this forum so I hope to get a reply very soon! ;)

Best regards