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Ted Fletcher

Hmmm…. Thanks for the accolade!! Yes, the little 828 was a neat design, it was, after all, the first serious professional portable mixer. We made a few hundred of them and it’s amazing how many of them are still around…… I had an extraordinary email from a chap in Australia who found one by the side of the road! I don’t know if he got it back to full working order, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
As for servicing them, I have to admit that I don’t relish it; the problem is that those pots and faders are not easily available any more, and the whole construction is, let’s face it. old. They last well because they are built from 1.2mm steel!
OK, I will have a look at it…. I have had 3 others through the workshop this year.
Send it to ‘The Sound House’ and we’ll see what can be done. :)