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Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

OK, got the pictures! This is a really nice mixer!
It was made basically from 828 channel modules with a special group section incorporating talkback. It was built originally as an outside broadcast mixer for small live events…. I wish I could remember the radio station it was built for…… possibly Edinburgh, or Tyne/Tees, or may even have been Cardiff.
The giveaway is the back panel where there are sockets for external battery input! There is one oddity…. it’s fitted with VU meters; most of our radio station mixers had PPMs. It would be interesting to know its history.
‘B-check’ is an input for checking the output of tape machines.
It looks in pristine condition and I’m sure it will work well. The circuitry uses ICs and it’s likely that the outputs will be balanced, although I can’t be sure…. I don’t have the circuitry information for this one…..
The inputs will certainly be Sowter transformers. The direct channel outputs will be unbalanced, as will the aux inputs.
The faders look like 100mm Penny and Giles….. this was a very expensive mixer in its day.