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Hey Ted,
I’m trying to find some of that 151 grease you mentioned, and am having trouble. Sofar I’ve found the following items:
http://www.bannerhardware.co.uk/category/12347/ – if you scroll down, they have a product called “151 Hi-Tech Super Grease Spray”

Is it either of these?
The 2nd one looks more likely, in which case 151 is the name of the company that makes it, along with an amazing amount of spray typ products, all of which I of course want to try, haha!

I used the Alice 12.48 on a radio show last night, and found that the mic pres REALLY suit my ribbon mics. Not as warm sounding as the Alice 2008’s transformer pres, but clearer, and less boomy. With the 2008 I usually roll 2-3dB of bass off when using these ribbon mics, but on the 12.48 they sounded “right” without doing that. Both me and my assistant Mark noticed, looked at each other, and said how great it sounded. :)

So, today I’m WD40ing all the pots, and will “151” them once I have confirmation of which 151 I should get, hehe.

Thanks Ted, I’ll get either one or both of my Alice’s to you after the end of August. :D